Study of work–life balance among Polish and Polish–Norwegian couples

Policy and Social Research and two partners, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) and the Department of Occupational Psychology, Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Poland, have received a grant from the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme for a study of work–life balance among Polish and Polish-Norwegian couples. The study will be carried out 2013–2016. Read more here.

‘Am I rambling?’ On the advantages of interviewing couples together

This article addresses a methodological controversy regarding the question of whether couples should ideally be interviewed together or apart. It draws on three different studies in which joint couple interviews were used either as the sole source of data or in combination with individual interviews. The authors focus on the specifics and strengths of joint […]

Workshop on vulnerability as a basis for justice and equality in the Nordic countries

Workshop with Professor Martha Albertson Fineman in Oslo 14–15 August 2012. Organised by the Nordic Women’s University (Kvinneuniversitetet i Norden) in cooperation with the research group Law and Vulnerabilities (Rätt och utsatthet), Faculty of Law, Lund University, and the research group Rights, Individuals, Culture and Society, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo. Martha Albertson Fineman has […]

Money Against the Stream: Alternative Financial Institutions

Abstract This dissertation discusses the role of money and finance in transforming society towards social, ecological and economic sustainability. During the 1980s the money markets and foreign exchange markets have been liberalized, deregulated and internationalized, and the social control of cash flows has become seriously weakened. In line with this development, banks are expected to […]