Men, masculinities and change

Men, masculinities and change has been one of my major research interests since the 2000s. My research has focused on men, work and family within a father–son design. I conducted a longitudinal follow-up study (2006–2014) of the Work-Sharing Couples Project (1970–1975), an experimental research project that was carried out in Norway in the early 1970s. Its aim was to change gendered patterns of breadwinning and care through both spouses working part-time and sharing domestic work and childcare. What were the work-sharing men’s motivations, and the consequences for them over the life course, as husbands, fathers and for their careers, of their working part time and sharing household work? Have the untraditional work-family arrangements in their parental homes influenced adult sons’ work-family adaptations? How can fathers’ and sons’ work-family adaptations, respectively, be understood in relation to contemporary discourses and structures of opportunity in the 1970s and today? As a longitudinal and intergenerational empirical study of men who promoted an egalitarian pattern of work and care, the  study represents a historically informed contribution to current research and discussions of men, work, care and gender equality.

So far, this project has resulted in the following publications

  • Bjørnholt, Margunn (2014). Modern Men: A Norwegian 30-Year Longitudinal Study of Intergenerational Transmission and Social Change (PDF). Örebro Studies in Gender Research, 3. Örebro: Örebro University. ISBN 91-7529-027-0.
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  • Bjørnholt, Margunn; Farstad, Gunhild Regland (2012). ’Am I rambling?’ On the advantages of interviewing couples together (PDF). Qualitative Research, 14(1), 3–19. Published online ahead of print 28 September 2012. doi:10.1177/1468794112459671.
  • Bjørnholt, Margunn (2012). From work-sharing couples to equal parents. Changing perspectives of men and gender equality. In Maria Jansdotter Samuelsson, Clary Krekula, Magnus Åberg (eds), Gender and Change. Power, Politics and Everyday Practices (pp. 53–72). Karlstad: Karlstad University Press. ISBN 978-86637-05-7.
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