My research interests are manifold and span gender-based violence, migration, men and masculinities, organisation, policy studies and a number of other topics. My current research focuses on sexual and gender-based violence against women migrants and refugees, intimate partner violence and violence in Sámi communities.

I started out in economic sociology in the early 1990s, studying alternative financial institutions from the perspective of social movement and new institutional theories, and resulting in the dissertation Pengene mot strømmen (Money against the stream). From the late 1990s my main focus was on management and organisational change in the public sector, especially organisational and spatial flexibility. An additional, albeit small, research interest of mine since the late 1990s is the material, institutional and symbolic production and contemporary use of cultural heritage.

From the 2000s I have published extensively on men, masculinities and change, drawing on sociological and social psychological perspectives on intergenerational transmission and social change, and resulting in my second dissertation Modern Men. I have also studied cultural adaptations and transnational practices among Polish immigrants to Norway, and how migration contributes to social change. My interest in work–family issues and gender equality has also led me to theories of social justice, the welfare state, human rights, feminist economics, and policy studies.

Over the last years my research has focused mainly on questions of gender, violence and power. I am currently involved in a project on sexual and gender-based violence against women migrants and refugees, a project on violence in Sámi communities and a project that addresses theoretical and methodological challenges in studying violence from an intimate partner and its relation to gender, gender equality and power.

Common themes in my research are a preoccupation with the ways in which practices are shaped by and shape contexts, the social production of knowledge, ideologies and policies, and the dynamics between knowledge production, ideologies, policies and practices.

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